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"Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it."


Animal Lover
 Licensed Professional Counselor
Founder & Owner 

"As a young person, my days were spent with my soul horse, Hiawatha, who taught me the healing powers of being in relationship."



"My life’s passion has always involved horses. I've spent my adult life in the helping professions of teaching and counseling. I incorporate horses and other animals into my practice whenever possible.


Time and again, horses have proven to me that connection to self and with others is the source from which all growth and healing occurs.


As a guide toward mental health and wellness, it is a privilege to work with people of various ages, backgrounds, and challenges. I am honored each time I work with individuals committed to their own personal growth and development. I get to facilitate a connection with our four-legged co-therapists while having the opportunity to deepen into my own authentic self. I continue to learn about the power of relationship."

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Gestalt Equine Psychotherapist. Certified Synergetic Play Therapist. 

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