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     Finding Hiawatha Therapy has a Master's level internship program in which our interns are able to experience a wide variety of clients, both in age and in mental health concerns, and receive both training and supervision along the way. Our interns will benefit from a small practice, having access to all of our staff for any questions or concerns they may have while growing in their skills. We require a minimum of a two semester commitment of 20 hours per week, which will include your individual supervision, sessions, trainings, and meetings. These hours may be a combination of telehealth and on-site work, with a majority being on-site. Typically these requirements can be met in a two semester time-frame, but may require additional time depending on semester pacing. We require that all interns have previous Practicum experience in a supervised, clinical setting, or clinical work experience.

     At the beginning of your internship you will spend time learning more about Animal Assisted Therapy work and Play Therapy work, as well as learning some additional administrative tasks that will prepare you as a future clinician. Our goal is to work with you on finding the best number of client hours that meet your individual needs, which usually falls around 10-12 client hours per week. 

     We are not currently accepting applications at this time. The application process includes the online application below and an individual interview. If you have additional questions, please contact Katie Keotunian at


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