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"Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it."


Animal Lover
 Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

BFA in Dance Fine Arts from University of Iowa

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Regis University

Telehealth Certified Therapist

Hello! I'm Erin. My approach to the therapeutic process is based on my belief in the inherent worthiness of every human being. I approach our work together as a collaborative and respectful process in which the relationship itself is a space of safety and healing. I believe all people need a space to feel unconditionally loved without fear of judgment and rejection. I utilize a personalized blend of animal assisted therapy, IFS work, nature-based interventions, somatic body based work, and person-centered theory to assist Clients in reaching their goals.


Currently, I work with adults ages 18+ both virtually via Zoom and in-person at the farm. I have experience in working with complex trauma, depression, anxiety, complex grief, and adult children of parents with personality disorders. I also have experience in working with clients with eating disorders, disorder eating habits, athletes in recovery, and body image. I offer support to people with relational, career, creative, artistic, and personal challenges. As well as individuals who crave deeper exploration and understanding of themselves and their internal world. I believe black lives matter and social justice is of core importance to therapy, as well as taking in consideration cultural and generational contexts.


It is in the safety of the therapeutic alliance where one can fully explore their vulnerable inner world and parts of themself while being fully witnessed by another. I work to inspire change and growth in my clients with gentle curiosity. I hold true that people are incredibly resilient, and therefore my job is to help you activate your inner self-healer.

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